Wonton recipes that’ll blow your mind

A selection of my favourite to make and share wonton recipes including mexitons and currytons. They are easy to make, use up your leftovers and are an eye catching way to plate up your appetizers.

Various healthy and easy wonton recipes that are very tasty.

How should I serve leftovers? CURRY POUTINE!

Recipe tips from a nutrition expert, Dietitianeats AKA Emma on how to serve your leftovers over and over without getting complaints. These easy additions are sure to please your family or guests!

Try adding curry poutine, meatball subs and Tex-mex salad to your meal repertoire. This will decrease meal fatigue from serving too much of the same leftovers. Yes- curry poutine!

Leftover latke recipe

A gluten free recipe for homemade potato pancakes (latke) using gouda cheese, broccoli and eggs.

Recipe: Bits and Bites

A cheerio and chex based bits and bites recipe for a sweet and savoury snack that hits the spot.

Info on how to make it gluten free is at the bottom of the post.

Fish Cake recipe

A detailed recipe on how to make the best fish cakes ever with tips from the kitchen of a Registered Dietitian. These fishcakes are easy on the budget and make great leftovers, a perfect healthy fastfood! The general consensus of Alberta Government is that pregnant women should choose light tuna before white and albacore tuna as it contains less mercury. While pregnant it is also best to avoid other high mercury fishes such as shark, swordfish, orange roughy, marlin, and escolar.

Smoothies, do I or don’t I?

Smoothies are often touted as a ‘health food’ and I’d like to cover a few things to help people decide if your smoothies are really good for you or not. Good for you in a sense of achieving your goals and providing adequate nutrition. I can get my fruits and veggies– This can be very…

Recipe: Cranberry sauce

I’ll make any excuse I can to spend the day in the kitchen preparing for a large traditional (East Coast) turkey dinner. This is the first holiday meal in our new house and I’m busy preparing as much as I can the day before the big meal. I’ll be working in a new kitchen tomorrow that I’m…

Recipe: Mexican skillet

Need a new dish to try or want to teach someone how to cook a fairly simple dish? Try this simple Mexican style skillet. It has only a few ingredients and only requires 1 pan to make it. I made it when we had no power or gas in our house with the camping stove!

Recipe: Fresh air popped popcorn

With just a paper bag, microwave, and kernels you can make a healthy snack. Place 2 tbsp popcorn kernels into 1 paper bag. Microwave* for 90-120 seconds (or popcorn setting), shaking every 30 seconds. Put in a bowl and enjoy. I like to top with a little melted butter and Mexican seasoning. Try topping with…

Recipe: Oven roasted cilantro lime halibut

Try your hand at a professional looking yet relatively simple halibut dish. Cilantro and lime oven roasted halibut!

The light flavors of this fish dish are sure to please everyone at your next meatless monday dinner party.

Recipe: loaded cauliflower soup

Ingredients: 1 bag frozen cauliflower 1 medium potato 2 cups water OR chicken or vegetable soup stock 1-3 onions 2 cloves garlic 1-2 tsp oil or butter 1 bay leaf, thyme, pepper, chili flakes 1-2 cups milk or alternative 1/2-1 cup sharp cheese 1 tub plain greek yoghurt 2-4 sprigs green onion This vegetable soup…