Andrea Hardy

Andrea is known for, “But first, let’s eat” her popular blog on redirecting nutrition information to the basics and the importance of enjoying our food rather than the diet ideology.
We sat down to tea to discuss the barriers to healthy eating, our first memories of cooking and eating and of course our favorite foods.

Make my low’ish carb lasagna tonight!

An easy recipe to follow for a professional tasting lasagna that doesn’t even have pasta in it.

You won’t miss lasagna noodles after you try this.

Serve it with homemade bruschetta.

In this recipe you’ll also find my secret pasta sauce recipe. The 2 tsp of sugar I add help take away some of the acidity from the tomatoes.

The Itinerant Thai Travels: Part 2 Ayutthaya

Our tuktuk is gone, it’s 38 degrees and we’re standing in front of what looks like it used to be a barn. It has since burnt down and only part of the frame remains to tell a scorched story. We’re hoping this isn’t the remains of the guesthouse we’ve just booked our stay at.

We arrived in Ayutthaya ready to explore and walk off our sea-legs from the gas pumping van trip from Bangkok. Ayutthaya was the first stop on our trip to really begin exploring temple ruins and see rural (ish) Thailand. We found a shaded area to recover and began looking online for the right place to stay. A well priced guesthouse nearby sparked our interest so we bartered for a tuktuk and made our way.

We were dropped off on a street that T intersects with the train station and is lined with food stalls and shops on either side. At this point we weren’t sure where our guesthouse was but that it should be near.

We wandered past some roosters and into Baan Are Gong, we immediately were enamoured with the detailed woodwork from the floor to the ceiling. The cozy guesthouse borders the river, a quiet dirt road and anearby street market.

The Itinerant Travels began in Hong Kong

Travel blog post on Hong Kong Disneyland, what to pack and how to get around the city state of Hong Kong. Hong Kong Disney is a great day trip for for the young and old alike, I highly recommend it. I’ve included some popular dos and don’ts for your trip to Hong Kong Disney.

I’ve also added in how to barter in the Ladies Market near Mong Kok in Hong Kong and the amazing hike up to Victoria’s Peak.