Itinerant Thai Travels Part 3: Chiang Mai

We left the land of temples, Ayutthaya, and headed North for Chiang Mai, a small Northern city known for bustling markets and good food.

Then we met Aim. She taught us how to cook Thai food while laughing. Seriously, my face hurt when I left Momma Noi’s Cookery School.

Momma Noi even tried my homemade green curry and said it was so hot!

The Itinerant Thai Travels: Part 2 Ayutthaya

Our tuktuk is gone, it’s 38 degrees and we’re standing in front of what looks like it used to be a barn. It has since burnt down and only part of the frame remains to tell a scorched story. We’re hoping this isn’t the remains of the guesthouse we’ve just booked our stay at.

We arrived in Ayutthaya ready to explore and walk off our sea-legs from the gas pumping van trip from Bangkok. Ayutthaya was the first stop on our trip to really begin exploring temple ruins and see rural (ish) Thailand. We found a shaded area to recover and began looking online for the right place to stay. A well priced guesthouse nearby sparked our interest so we bartered for a tuktuk and made our way.

We were dropped off on a street that T intersects with the train station and is lined with food stalls and shops on either side. At this point we weren’t sure where our guesthouse was but that it should be near.

We wandered past some roosters and into Baan Are Gong, we immediately were enamoured with the detailed woodwork from the floor to the ceiling. The cozy guesthouse borders the river, a quiet dirt road and anearby street market.

The Itinerant Thai Travels: Part I Bangkok

The first post in a series of posts on backpacking through Thailand. We landed in Bangkok hungry and ready to explore Khaosan road. Later we take a stroll to what we’ve heard is a popular destination, Khaosan Road. We couldn’t walk more than a few feet without offerings of ping pong shows, cheap beer, nitrous, skewered scorpians and cheap clothing. It’s a scene from a rich kids house party the first time he is left alone and drinking alcohol except in a foreign country in the middle of the street.

We’re in Thailand and it is a PARTY! Somehow, Hong Kong the city that doesn’t sleep, still couldn’t prepare us for this.

In the daylight you can wander for hours through endless markets or walk towards the parks and temples to see the showcased architecture of Bangkok.

The Itinerant Itinerary

My mellow alt-indie beats are a lull in the background, the air conditioner is rattling far too loudly. Every now and then it even sounds like a kettle boiling water. I’ll take the noise over the heat. I’ve recently had some near sleepless nights trying to sleep in a humid mid thirty degree room with…