A growing alphabetical list of terms and their definitions commonly discussed on this website

Black and white thinking- A style of thinking one may have that thinks in extremes. Something either IS or IS NOT. “I was on track with my health until I had a cupcake, now my whole day is ruined”

Chill injury- Damage to plants (fruits or vegetables) from temperatures above the freezing point. Often seen in refrigerated tomatoes.

Diet- The food that one consumes. Not to be confused with the pop culture term diet that some use to express limited food allowance with a goal of weight loss.

EVOO- A commonly used acronym for Extra virgin olive oil.

Gluten- A widely talked about usually misunderstood protein. Generally found in wheat and other related grains, this protein helps hold things together. Gluten is to food as rebar is to cement. As products rise or are baked the strong gluten protein helps them stay together and have a strong structure. People with celiac disease should NOT consume gluten.

Injera– A spongy texture sourdough risen flatbread most commonly made with Ethiopian dishes.

Latke– A potato based pancake that usually contains flour, seasonings and eggs.

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