Itinerant Thai Travels Part 3: Chiang Mai

We left the land of temples, Ayutthaya, and headed North for Chiang Mai, a small Northern city known for bustling markets and good food.

Then we met Aim. She taught us how to cook Thai food while laughing. Seriously, my face hurt when I left Momma Noi’s Cookery School.

Momma Noi even tried my homemade green curry and said it was so hot!

Recipe: loaded cauliflower soup

Ingredients: 1 bag frozen cauliflower 1 medium potato 2 cups water OR chicken or vegetable soup stock 1-3 onions 2 cloves garlic 1-2 tsp oil or butter 1 bay leaf, thyme, pepper, chili flakes 1-2 cups milk or alternative 1/2-1 cup sharp cheese 1 tub plain greek yoghurt 2-4 sprigs green onion This vegetable soup…

Recipe: cream of broccoli soup

This vegetable loaded soup can have many varieties based on your preferred cream soup texture and your favourite vegetable combinations. To begin add 1-3 puréed onions in a pot on medium heat with 1-3 tsp oil or butter. Cook until slightly browned while stirring frequently. In a blender purée: 1 bag of frozen broccoli (approx…