Recipe: Mac N Cheese and Quinoa Bites

An easy and upgraded veggie loaded version of mac n cheese that you’ll love.

Simply add garlic and cauliflower to your mac n cheese and you’ve got a whole new spin on the orange creamy favorite.

Quinoa and broccoli bites are loaded with vegetables and cheese and are a great on the go snack or meal and work well as a side dish too.

This pasta recipe is a great meal for newbie cooks or kids to try too.

Recipe: cream of broccoli soup

This vegetable loaded soup can have many varieties based on your preferred cream soup texture and your favourite vegetable combinations. To begin add 1-3 puréed onions in a pot on medium heat with 1-3 tsp oil or butter. Cook until slightly browned while stirring frequently. In a blender purée: 1 bag of frozen broccoli (approx…