About Emma

Emma Train is a Registered Dietitian with a Master of Public Policy focused specifically on health and international comparative policy. Emma’s research has predominantly been focused on health care reform, medical necessity, health technology assessments, and nutrition. Recently, she has transitioned her focus to economic analyses of health interventions and health quality.

Currently, Emma’s time is divided between health administration, some teaching assistant work, lifelong learning, fencing, hockey, and research.


I want to get the messages worth reading out there!

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I originally started this website to share recipes that I had created, kitchen tips, and to promote healthy eating behaviours. I soon realized that doing that wasn’t enough, I’ve since rebranded what was once Dietitianeats, have completed a Master of Public Policy from the School of Public Policy at the University of Calgary, and moved to Kingston, Ontario.

I want to improve the overall health and intake of Canadians by lessening the (over) consumption of unhealthy foods due to knowledge gaps, food environments, and the increasing exploitation of socially and economically vulnerable Canadians.

I don’t believe in the “eat this, not that.” attitude. I believe in a diet that allows you to discover new foods you can enjoy, challenge the way you prepare food, and provide adequate nourishment for the body in an affordable manner._MG_4102

Your food (diet) should be affordable, achievable and acceptable. I believe the food you purchase should be affordable, you should know how to store and prepare it and you should enjoy eating it, thus making it acceptable. If your current diet (what you eat) doesn’t fit within the ‘triple A’ seeing a dietitian may be useful.

I’m happiest in the kitchen, travelling to try new foods, or being active. I love to be challenged and am constantly motivated to learn more. I enjoy playing on teams for sport and working with a team, my motto is “A team isn’t a team without synergy.”

If you want to know more about my professional practice click here.

Burger week in Calgary!

Receiving an award from a colleague for being an outstanding diabetes educator in the community.

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  1. Kim says:

    Hi Emma. I am enjoying your interviews!

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    1. Emma Train says:

      Thanks Kim!!! 🙂


  2. Mom says:

    Great job!! 😘

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  3. Jose Gonzalez says:

    Hi Emma,

    I’m a journalist by profession & I’ve written for major media outlets. I’m creating an infographic (related to travel) with the help of designer and I would like to co-produce the infographic with your blog (inyourfacenutrition.com), Would you be interested in partnering with me on this?, there is no fees involved in this.

    After publishing the infographic, I’ll do promotion in different news outlets and press release sites, so both sites will get benefit with this.

    Let me know if you’re interested, so that we can discuss further.

    Thank you
    Jose Gonzalez

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  4. Laurie Free says:

    I LOVED your blog piece on James Fells page about the nutrition industry. As a person who is in recovery for anorexia and addiction, the ‘social media psuedo nutrition science platform’ can be a scary scary place for those who are vulnerable about their weight and body image. Thanks to you and James for getting the message of truth and facts out there. Xoxo


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