Soda Tax, Added Sugars, and Mexico

I recently read an article titled, Sugar coating the truth about soft drink taxes, the article was written well. While reading the first few lines I thought that the writer was against soda taxes I soon found out he was for actions that help people make educated choices about their food. He speaks about soda taxes and the addition of added sugar on food labels.

A recent report states that after starting a levy for sugar added beverages in Mexican obesity rates have dropped. Was it the price of the tax or was it something else that slowed down sugar consumption in Mexico? It will take years to see the change in health outcomes from reduced sugar intake but, it will be interesting and exciting. Reports state that lower socioeconomic households (greatest risk for obesity) were affected the most by the soda tax (greatest reduction in soda purchases).

In Philadelphia, a soda tax reduced soda sales by up to 50% in some neighborhoods. In Berkeley, a 2016 survey deduced that soda consumption (and other added sugar beverages) in low-income neighborhoods fell by 21% after a volume based tax was implemented in 2015.

Maybe a sugar added tax on beverages (and treats?) could be beneficial to society, Canadians are consuming FOUR times the amount of sugar that the WHO recommends after all. screen-shot-2017-03-04-at-3-02-31-pm

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