Open letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about added sugars on nutrition labels

Read what Registered Dietitian, Rosie Schwartz, has to say about added sugars on food labels. I’ve reblogged this article as an introduction to the topic that I’ll be blogging again in the coming weeks. Do you think Canadians and Americans have the right to know whether sugar has been added to their food?
I think so, I think “added sugars” should be clearly labeled on food.
A Canadian petition is up and running to try to garner government attention on the past due topic here:

Enlightened Eater

Proposed label dropped by Health Canada Proposed label dropped by Health Canada

Dear Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,

As a practicing registered dietitian in Canada, it is indeed wonderful to see the example you set for our fellow Canadians. The headlines about your possibly being the fittest world leader and the articles about your fitness activities – yoga and boxing, for instance – show the citizens of our country that healthy lifestyles are indeed important.  Your family hikes this summer demonstrate that an active healthy lifestyle is important not only to grownups, but for the entire family.

With young children heading off to school I can only imagine that you, like most Canadian parents, want to ensure that you are filling  their lunch boxes with tasty wholesome foods that will promote good health. It is in this vein that I am writing to you today.

In 2015,  the World Health Organization (WHO) released new guidelines for…

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