Nutrition Sponsorship Scandal

I think I’ll just leave this here… Have a read on what one of my Dietitian colleagues thinks about the responsibilities of Dietitians and where she thinks #ads and affiliations fit into it all.


I’ve added part of the Code of Ethics from The College of Dietitians of Alberta here as well, full pdf available here.


Personally, I don’t accept any money or gifts for product placements or advertising. I pay to keep my website advert free and I explain that I don’t sponsor any products further in the professional practice section of my website.

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 11.46.44 AM Excerpt from the Nova Scotia Dietetic Association’s Private Practice Guidelines

In the wake of the Olympics I thought that it would be timely to write about product endorsement. Every time the Olympics roll around there’s much hullabaloo about sponsorship and the promotion of crap food like McDonald’s. But the promotion of food is not just associated with the Olympics. It’s going on all the time and marketers are getting savvier about it. Enter the role of dietitians.

As dietitians we position ourselves as the experts on nutrition and healthy eating. We’re constantly battling misinformation and trendy diets, telling people to come to us for guidance in making better food choices. We are the unsexy voice of reason in a sea of cold-pressed juice and expensive shakes. Who better than dietitians then to promote food, beverages, and supplements?

I see so many Tweets, Instagram photos, and blog posts by dietitians promoting…

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