My two cents on the ‘Obesity Plate’

The good: Can save 56-63 calories per meal by ‘sponging up’ oil. (Letting a maximum of 7ml of oil settle into the holes- if the holes are filled with spices it’ll pull off less)

The bad: A plate probably isn’t going to change obesity in Thailand and it’s probably going to add to the pending waste disposal crisis of this beautiful country too.

The ugly: Shouldn’t we be focusing on the foundational issues of obesity (ie modifying how we cook our meals) rather than trying to sponge up 7ml of fat from our meal with a magical plate that has 500 holes?

Obesity is multifactorial, not oil based.

Mashable spins the positive here2-AbsorbPlate-Healthier-Meals-Advertising-Thailand-BBDO.

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