Don’t Flush Blocks Of Cheese Down The Toilet- Chalie

Chalie, not Charlie. Yes, Chalie. Just say Charlie but without the ‘r’. She goes through that a lot so I felt like I needed to tell you … Chalie is a science-minded pharmacist with an entrepreneurial drive. She has a new business venture awaiting her and she took time out of her busy day between managing a pharmacy, moving, an active lifestyle and spending time with family to chat with me.

Chalie has a great personality, she’s bubbly and intelligent, patients and clients feel comfortable talking to Chalie and sharing stories with her. Chalie has been a consistent, well-recognized face in a smaller community pharmacy since 2010, the people in the community know her well and trust her dearly.


Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 10.20.43 PM.png
She likes poutine too!


She loves a challenge so I asked her a few difficult questions. She returned the favor, she was the first person to ask my nutrition related questions during the interview. It was pretty fun!

Do you have a crazy cooking story?
Not really.
Was it you that flushed the whole block of cheese down the toilet?
No, but I remember that story.
Oh … Maybe it was Leah! We had to get a plumber in to take the toilet off of the floor to get the cheese out. I don’t know why [or how] it got flushed down the toilet.

Chalie (and her sister), Leah and I lived together for a few years.

What is your favorite thing to make in the kitchen?
There is a white wine pasta dish that I like to make. It has dried salami, onions, peppers, mushrooms and whole wheat pasta in it. I use dried red chili flakes in it too, it’s spicy but it’s also really light.

What does a healthy diet mean to you?
From my perspective, it’s a daily diet that has a variety of fats, carbohydrates and proteins while getting in all of the food groups to meet your essential needs.

What is your favorite food that people may consider unhealthy?
I want to give you two, the first is chocolate. I also really enjoy potatoes and I think that a lot of people assume that they’re unhealthy because of the starch and carbohydrate content. I’m a believer of everything in moderation so eating potatoes fit in my healthy diet.

You were working in a pharmacy that had some clients who had a lower socioeconomic status did you notice any nutrition trends with these clients?
Nutrition wasn’t always a high priority for some of my clients because there were other significant things going on in their lives.

We had a side conversation about teaming up with our clients to become a part of their support network. We talked about how fortunate we are to live in a country with a social health care system that can help to provide resources for people in need.

When you were part of a support network for some of these clients did you notice any trends or barriers to healthy eating?
Our society is so focused on convenience and many people have the idea that healthy eating takes more time. What takes more time, cutting vegetables or getting food from a drive through? I’ve fallen for that myself, I’ve thought that I’ll save time by getting a tea at the drive-through and it always takes more time out of my morning at the drive-through than it does making it at home.

Do you think there is anything our government should be focusing on anything specific to make our population healthier?
I don’t have any kids so I could be wrong about the education system. But … I’m not sure that children are being educated about nutrition well enough. It’s tough because children are at the mercy of what their parents purchase but I think if we could have some sort of mandatory nutrition education for high-school aged kids [who will be on their own soon] that could teach them a lot:

  1. How to eat healthfully.
  2. How to save money by eating and cooking at home.
  3. Worldly food experiences.
  4. Make independent educated decisions about the food they’ll consume.

If one ‘diet’ was your nemesis which one would it be?
I’m not a diet person, I believe everything in moderation is healthy. I love eating candy but I also eat three healthy meals per day so I have candy as a treat sometimes.

My pet peeve is the elimination diet where they cut everything out and live off of vegetables and soup broth then they see results from the lack of calories. When they reintroduce food to their diet they regain the weight and usually end up binging. I’m not for cleanses either, these diet trends aren’t safe!

Your all-time favorite breakfast?
Pancakes or traditional eggs, bacon and toast breakfast.

I asked her about waffles vs. pancakes and after a lengthy discussion we concluded that she prefers pancakes because she likes how soggy the pancakes get with the addition of syrup. Read more here.

Does your job get in the way of what you eat?
Usually, in the pharmacy, I didn’t take lunch breaks because we didn’t have a staff overlap. I always had something to eat during work from my packed lunch that I’d have to plan to bring. Not having another pharmacist there limited me from being able to go out to eat but not to actually eat. When not serving clients or dispensing I’d try to eat inconspicuously.


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