Joël the Runner/Restaurateur Shares His Input On Health And Food. 

Joël is a hard guy to forget, the only thing brighter than his smile or his personality is his fiery red hair. He’s the type of guy who enters a race last minute to support a friend and then sprints to be the first person to cross the finish line. He’s got three precious young nephews (who all look exactly like him) and another who is trying his hand at a hockey career. He takes care of his nephews on occasion and he’s worked in the restaurant industry for almost two decades, this guy knows food.

I like to have oats and berries for breakfast each day. It fills me up, it's quick  and healthy. nutrition interview with Emma Train Registered Dietitian. healthy living active living. Yoga, MMA, cooking, running, boxing, weightlifting.

Joël deals with people and their food preferences every day and on top of that, he manages a great team in a restaurant while maintaining a daily crack-of-dawn workout plan. He aspires to one day own a gym where he can help people become more physically fit on a much larger scale than what he presently does (in his home gym).

I want to ask you your opinion on a few things…

What do you think the barriers to healthy eating are?
I truly believe the biggest barriers for most people are time and money. Eating healthy can be more expensive and time-consuming. For me, it’s a must but I can understand why some people are so inclined to buy a cheap quick meal.

If you could tell the whole world one message about food or nutrition what would it be?
That food is the fuel for your body. If you owned a high-end sportscar you wouldn’t put the cheapest fuel in it, so why put unhealthy foods into your body? Everyone should treat their body like the beautiful machine it is.

When/how did you become interested in health and nutrition?
I became interested in nutrition at a fairly young age. I had snapped my arm in half in a four-wheeling accident. After the surgery, I was very weak and frail. My family doctor told me that I was underweight and had very little muscle density. He suggested I started being more active. Shortly after becoming active, nutrition seemed to be the natural next step. It wasn’t something I planned but it just made sense and I love it.

What’s your go to breakfast every morning?
My go to every morning is a bowl of oatmeal with blueberries and a scoop of protein followed with a coffee and grapefruit [when I have them].

What do you think the government could do to improve the health of Canadians?
That could be a lengthy list … It would need to start with better education from a young age. I think that health and wellness are equally as important as science and math, therefore, we need more action and education in the schools.

What about the people who have a lower socioeconomic status? How can we or the government help the people who may not have enough money to spend on groceries?
Well, that’s tough … I would suggest having a subsidized grocery budget but then you need people to monitor what’s being spent and on what and that’s not really economically feasible. So, perhaps grocery stores need to somehow be less focused on profit and more so the people. That’s a tough question and not really forté but I think it could boil down to subsidizing locally grown foods instead of corn and other crops.

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joel running Terry Fox PEI to NB. nutrition is a key element of a healthy lifestyle.

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  1. Alice chiasson says:

    Joel is a very dedicated person in every aspect of life he loves to help those who are willing to help themselves,he is an amazing person who loves life and although it has been very challenging for him to say the least he continues to strive and smile.he is an inspiration to many.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Emma Train says:

      Thanks Alice 🙂


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