Food Deserts Not Desserts. An Interview With Rebecca RDN (RD)

Rebecca is a Registered Dietitian who is always eager to promote the profession and lend a helping hand to fellow RDs. She’s a mum to two, has her own private practice, maintains a licence in the UK and US and even has her own app. She is a food and travel blogger who loves to garden.

Rebecca is a highly respected dietitian who has been known to teach other dietitians about social media and brand building and nontraditional dietetic careers.


What do you think the barriers to healthy eating are for the general population?
I think the environment makes it difficult to eat healthfully. We’re surrounded by fast food, the culture of eating fast and having busy a lifestyle. The grocery stores are full of tempting junk. We also can’t forget that poverty is also a real issue too.

What do you think the government should be focusing on within the realm of public health or public policy?
I think agricultural policies need to change. We need to stop subsidizing corn and soy and the government should be supporting small farmers who grow diverse crops. There is a need for farmers markets in food deserts so we can make healthy food more accessible to everyone.

You aren’t the first person to mention crop subsidization.
It [products from subsidized crops] really isn’t going into food that is feeding and nourishing us, it’s going into over processed foods.

If you could get a message out to the general public about food, what would it be?
Garden. Grow your own food, learn where your food comes and take ownership of it. Even if you can only grow a little bit, you should try to do it.

What is your favorite food that people may consider unhealthy?
Chocolate, which is probably what everyone else has said.

She then recommended I read Simran Sethi’s book.

Your favourite breakfast?
When we’re in India I like to have Dosa.

If you were going to be stuck on an island for months and you could bring an unlimited supply of 4 food staples, what would they be?
Beans, rice, some type of fruit and tea. You can pretty much sustain off of the beans and rice every day. Oh … I’d take seeds and grow my own foods.

Of course, she’s going to bring tea, she’s from the UK!

Biggest pet peeve related to nutrition?
The ‘don’t eat this’ lists or the people are trying to make every holiday healthier. It’s a holiday and it’s one day, you should enjoy the food and stop pointing fingers.

Does your job get in the way of what you eat?

Rebecca shared some excellent insight on food deserts, crop subsidization issues and growing your own food. She is another excellent example of someone who eats healthy but doesn’t define nutrition in absolute terms. You can find more about Rebecca’s practice on her website, or via facebook and twitter.

UPDATE: Rebecca is also an avid farmer, her most recent farming adventures can be seen on twitter and facebook.

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