Mitch Tells me About Breaking Out the Bullsh*t in the Fitness Industry

Mitch wants to break out all the bullshit when it comes to the public perception of fitness, active living and nutrition. He is a personal trainer at Evolve Fitness with his identical twin brother and he has a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and he is certified in Precision Nutrition. When he isn’t putting in 14+ hour days at the gym you can find him listening to country music or reading about the latest nutrition research. 

Before we began our interview we caught up about why he doesn’t look like a meathead, our hometown and the nutrition and fitness quackery you can find online. 


What is your favorite food that people may consider unhealthy … something that the general public might classify as unhealthy?
Definitely pizza.

What’s your favorite thing to cook?
I’m not much of a cook, I’m more of a meal prep on Sunday kind of guy. But baked sweet potatoes with chopped kale, olive oil and keg seasoning salt is my current favorite thing to make.

What do you think our biggest barriers to health are?
Education. People can’t google their way to health. 

You mentioned the epidemic of childhood obesity earlier, what do you think there is anything specific the government should be focusing on within the realm of public health and policy?
I think getting into schools earlier and promoting healthy diets with exercise, education and making sure healthier options like fruit and vegetables are always available. Small changes could improve the overall health of many kids and help reduce childhood obesity.

If you were going to be stuck on an island for months and you could bring an unlimited supply of 4 food staples, what would they be?
Is this survival or for enjoyment?
Whatever you want Mitch. (I said Mitchell but he goes by Mitch these days)
Ok if pizza is one thing, then pizza for sure … maybe some mixed berries, sweet potatoes and chicken too.

If you could cook a meal with anyone, who would it be?
Able James. He’s an intelligent guy and he’s got some great cookbooks out about trying to make whole foods as delicious as possible.

Biggest pet peeve related to nutrition?
Cleanses and detoxes. It’s incredible that people think they would be good for them. Totally cutting out any macronutrient just isn’t good for you, your body needs them. I’m not a fan of [that type of] restriction.

If one diet or trend was your enemy which one would it be?
It would be the people who are too hardcore about paleo or veganism and try to push it in your face and talk about it too much. That drives me crazy.

Your favorite breakfast?
Well, I do intermittent fasting so I’m not really a breakfast person but if I had to pick a favorite breakfast it would be bacon, home fries, toast and over easy eggs from a diner. 

Does your job get in the way of what you eat?
I think my job forces me to eat healthier and I meal prep to keep it up. I don’t have the time to eat poorly.

Mitch believes that to lead a healthy lifestyle you must find balance in all that you do. Visit Evolve’s website or follow Evolve Fitness Ltd. on facebook.

Mitch works long days as a personal trainer and manages to keep his lifestyle healthy by eating what works for him.



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