The Nutrition Industry is Full of Shit

Are you looking for my post about nutrition industry funding?

I posted it on my mentor’s website as a guest post so you’ll have to look there- Body For Wife.

Click here to go straight to my piece.

An excerpt from my piece:

[I’m sure not all RDs give good information. Some embrace the bullshit and write books about how bread is the devil, but overall, we are a reliable source of science-based information on nutrition because of the rigorous and in-depth education we must complete.

Let’s go back to talking about death.

I live in Canada, and our citizens are dying. More than 4% of the country’s health budget is spent just on obesity, and another $20.9 billion per year is spent on heart disease and stroke. Up to 80% of premature heart disease and stroke is preventable by adopting healthy behaviors, of which proper nutrition is a big part. Therefore, it is important to disseminate quality information to help save lives. This needs to be done well and without bias.]


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