Day 4: The First Dietitian Interview

Jen is a Registered Dietitian who focuses on a variety of topics in her private practice. She has a skill set ranging from sports nutrition to elderly care. She is the person who you enviously follow on instagram because if she isn’t cooking amazing looking food, she is running a marathon or traveling the world.


Jen, what is your favorite food that people might consider to be unhealthy?
Probably perogies. Homemade ones [that are] fried in butter with sour cream on top. It’s a holiday family tradition.

Are any of your first memories about food?
I think that’s why I like perogies so much. My grandparents and aunts would be in the kitchen making the dough and I eventually learned to make it too. Perogies remind me of family.

If you could sit down to dinner with anyone, who would it be?
I honestly can’t think of anyone except my family that I’d really want to sit down with for dinner. That may be cheesy but we always had family dinners growing up and I still love going home and having a meal with my immediate family.

What do you think the government should be focusing on within the realm of public health and policy?
People are no longer looking to health professionals for nutrition advice, instead they are looking to friends, family and online for answers. I would like to see the government work on getting health professionals back into the forefront of people’s minds and trusting their authority and knowledge.

Do you think one person can make a difference in public health policy change?
Yes totally, it can be a bit of a domino effect from one persistent squeaky wheel.

If you were going to be stuck on an island for months and you could bring an unlimited supply of 4 food staples, what would they be?
Bread because I could eat bread everyday for the rest of my life. [I’d bring] peanut butter, bananas and chocolate too.

What’s your favorite food that The Food Babe says you shouldn’t consume?
I don’t really follow the food babe so I don’t know much about what she says. I try to ignore her. I do eat subs sometimes and I think I heard about her saying something about Subway before.

Beans or eggs?

Lastly I want to know if you think your job gets in the way of what you eat?
No, I eat better during the workweek than on the weekends.

Part of Jen’s description to health and nutrition includes spending time with family. A valuable insight to consider. 

You can visit Jen’s website at  She’s also on instagram, facebook and twitter.

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