Kim tells me about booger muffins and more…

It’s the second day of Nutrition Month and I’m continuing my project that displays what health means to others. My goal is to highlight that all healthy diets are not the same, our perceived definition of healthy or nutritious is not absolute can’t be expressed with black and white thinking.

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Kim is a well traveled Registered Nurse who works with patients in group and one on one settings to help them manage their Chronic Diseases. She helps patients navigate the health system in regard to their chronic conditions and works with a Registered Dietitian and a whole crew of multidisciplinary healthcare professionals to help patients achieve their health goals.

Kim has helped a lot of people during her career and somewhere between helping all of these people she finds time to be exuberant, run 10km races, be a great mom to two awesome young women and make really, really good food. I was thrilled to interview Kim because she’s great at what she does and also because she didn’t know who The Food Babe was.

Kim, let’s talk about food and nutrition…

If you were going to be stuck on an island for months and you could bring an unlimited supply of 4 food staples, what would they be?
Eggs for sure, probably flour so I could make my own bread. I love cheese, definitely cheese and some type of a fruit or a veggie.

What’s your favorite food or drink that The Food Babe says you shouldn’t consume?
Oh … Ok. I checked her out because I thought she was you. (At this point I had to hold back my laughter)
I’m pretty sure I eat all of the foods she says we shouldn’t eat. I think she could be a dangerous person!

If one ‘diet’ was your nemesis, which one would it be?
Oh that’s easy, The Bernstein Diet. I don’t know anyone who has done that diet and kept their weight off. It’s expensive, there are injections, it’s totally unrealistic and everyone I’ve seen regains their weight from the severe calorie restriction.

In your opinion, what’s one of the biggest barriers we’re facing as a population to healthy eating?Ok this is a hard one, I notice common things with people struggling to be healthier, one is people needing to learn how to cook, I think Dr. Freedhoff has mentioned this before too.
People also need a trusted source for nutrition information. There are so many experts and people like Dr. Oz who receive compensation they should have to disclose that fact up front. People like the Food Babe should require a disclaimer stating they are not experts in nutrition science.
Food advertising shouldn’t be directed towards children and companies should not be allowed to make false nutrition claims and it needs to be monitored closely.

What is your favorite thing to cook or bake?
Definitely brie and pear pizza, I love making it for the family because it’s easy, fun, really tasty and healthy.

Do you have any horrible cooking experiences you’d like to share?
Once we had family visiting and my daughter was sitting on the counter helping me while I was making muffins, she sneezed directly into the bowl. My cousin looked at me and said don’t worry about it, just don’t put add any salt.
Another time I made biscuits for stew and mixed up baking powder with baking soda and of course they just tasted like S–T.

Hey Kim, do you think one person can make a difference in public health policy change?
Yes! It only takes one person to get things started.

So, what’s your favorite breakfast?
Homemade waffles, syrup, fruit and bacon.

What is your go to breakfast for the day you’re in a rush?
Well it’s the same thing every day: a poached egg, mixed berries with a little bit of granola and keifer poured on top.

I asked you earlier if you could cook with anyone, who would you choose and you said your Grandmother. If you could sit down to a meal with anyone, who would it be?
You know, I still would say my family. I’m really proud of the fact that we sit down together and enjoy it. I would always rather sit down with people who enjoy good food and that’s my family.

Amazing answer Kim!

What do you think the government should be focusing on within the realm of public health and policy?
Treat (over)processed foods like cigarettes. So high taxes and food warnings for sugary beverages, salty foods and sugary cereals. [They should] create rules for Canadian food policy makers like there are for political parties, so that Canada’s food policy makers can’t be influenced by any member of the food industry.

There is one last thing I’m curious about, does your job get in the way of what you eat?
No. My job makes it better.  

Thanks to Kim for sharing her ideas on food and nutrition and most importantly, her time.

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  1. Andrea Hardy says:

    SO EXCITED TO PARTICIPATE IN YOUR INTERVIEW SERIES FOR NUTRITION MONTH. (All caps on purpose – I’m genuinely that enthusiastic.)


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