Wonton recipes that’ll blow your mind

Wontons are a fun new way to use leftovers! I’m not saying they are the healthiest food but they are tasty and fun to serve! I pan fry in about 1/2 tbsp of oil and I only make 2 per person so we’re not too full for dinner.

Mexitons are a whole new bundle of joy, they give you the mexican heat you love in fajitas and the crisp Asian heat you’re used to in Thai dishes. Use any leftover mexican dish and dice it up. I have used leftover taco meat, fresh tomatoes, peppers and onions. Throw your diced leftovers in a pan to heat them up and then spoon into dampened wonton wrappers, fry and serve immediately.

Potatotons are a great leftover dish when you don’t know what to do with your leftover mash. Pair these with some cheese and broccoli and you’ve got a perfect appetizer.

 Potato and cheese stuffed wontons

Currytons bring you curry as you’ve never dared to venture before! This is even wilder than curry poutine and it’s just as hot. Take your leftover curry and bundle it up in a wonton wrapper and give it a quick stir fry in a hot oiled pan. If you like curry you will not be disappointed in the curryton.

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