Maxipad Madness

Ever find yourself cleaning and the one product you need just isn’t there to help you complete your task?

I have, and I have conqured. I’m proud to admit that pads have helped me many times. (I’m laughing as I write this but it is SO TRUE)

A compilation on how to use pads in some of the least expected ways during your average day.

  • Knee protection: Stick the sticky side to your pants next time you have to get on your hands to scrub the floors. A little extra cushion goes a long way.
  • Knee protection Part II: Stick the sticky side to your pants when gardening for extra cushion but also to absorb extra dampness from the ground, keeping your pants dry and clean.
  • Wet mop refill: Your swiffer or other brand static mop has a sticky mess to clean up. Stick on your maxi pad, add your floor appropriate cleaner directly to your pad and scrub away. The absorption is fantastic and it has great scrubbing ability before it wears out.
  • Cleaning marble floors: As you may or may not know when you spill on a marble floor you should dab clean not scrub in. (not that anyone would purposefully scrub stains in, but it can happen on marble) If you make a spill on your marble grab a pad and gently place on the spill to absorb most of the liquids. Continue to clean your marble in the appropriate manner.
  • Slippers on a very dusty floor: Stick to your socks, go where you need to go, remove pads from socks and dispose without tracking dust through your home.
  • Cold compress: Add a small amount of water to the pad so that you can feel the gel on the inside. Put in freezer for 30 minutes. Use as a cold compress for fevers, sun burns etc. (Don’t use the sticky side for this one and please use this appropriately don’t leave it on for excessive periods of time. No pun intended)
  • Fridge cleaning: Moisten pad with your cleaning product, stick pad to hand or simply hold it and clean your fridge out wiping down all areas with pad. It’ll absorb the extra moisture too. 
  • Immediate baby proofing: A toddler is coming over and your house isn’t baby proofed. Add some pads to your sharp corners to do a quick job that’ll soften any potential blow. (FYI: If you use the sticky side on painted surfaces the tape may take off paint, use within reason and don’t leave in place for extended periods of time)
  • Cleaning lunch boxes: First of all, I call these lunch cans. Call them what you will, they still need to be cleaned. Spray your cleaner onto your pad and wipe out the inside of all of your lunch cans! Any extra moisture will be absorbed too.
  • Under the water dish: Put a pad under your dog’s water bowl. It’ll help prevent the bowl from moving so much and absorb some extra liquids that spill while Fido is lapping it up.

If you have any uses that I’ve missed please comment below to share your tips with others!

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