Food safety: Washing poultry

How many people wash their poultry before cooking it?

I can certainly say that I used to do this myself until I realized that I have a higher risk of cross-contamination from washing it than not.


If you wash your poultry you need to ensure that it doesn’t drip or splash on any surfaces once washed. You also need to ensure your sink is empty before washing and clean it properly after. The best practice is to buy fresh poultry that you have kept cold and thawed properly.

Think twice before you wash your poultry, handle it properly and clean up well to reduce your risk of foodborne illness.

For tips on cooking your meat at the proper temperature check out my post here or visit the Government of Canada website on poultry safety for more information.

PS- Now that you’ve cooked your poultry check out my posts on using leftover chicken and turkey in my favorite non-traditional recipes!

Original artwork by E. Train.

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