When life hands you lemons… Put them in the Juicer??

A great piece on juicing by a fellow dietitian!!

I thought blogging would be easy. Someone actually had the nerve to tell me I couldn’t do it, and while my stubborn streak is determined to prove them wrong, rise tall and conquer I must admit it has been harder than anticipated. Inspiration is a big factor, I’ve quite a few half finished posts I’m just not feeling. The other big factor is time – I have a really bad habit of getting a bit too eager and taking on a lot at once. I’m doing a Msc module at the moment and it’s taking up a bit of time that I’d prefer was being used for blogging. Personal things also get in the way  – you can plan life but you can ‘t plan for the unexpected and March/April certainly have been months where the unexpected has got in the road of my focus and ambitions.

This next post is…

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