Recipe: Mexican skillet

This easy dish takes a little time to prepare, uses only one pan and is absolutely delicious. It’s great if you aren’t confident in your cooking skills or if you want to teach someone basic cooking skills. I made it when our power and gas was out one stormy evening and now it’s in our regular meal rotation.

Oh- It’s great as a camping meal too!


This recipe feeds 2-3 adults with a side dish. Double the recipe or add canned (or frozen) beans and frozen veggies to increase the volume for a bigger meal.


– Two chicken breasts sliced

– 450gr (16oz) jar of salsa

– 1 small onion chopped

– 1 tomato chopped or 1 small can of diced tomatoes

– 1 tsp diced garlic

– 1/4 tsp chilis or Jalapeño (optional)

– 1/2 cup grated cheese (cheddar, mozzarella or jalapeño havarti)

– You can also add a can of mixed beans or kidney beans to increase the protein and make the dish more filling. The beans just need to be heated so you can add them a few minutes before adding cheese.


  1. Stir fry chicken in a pan on medium heat, when chicken begins to turn white add onion, garlic, chilies and 1/4 jar of salsa continue pan frying until chicken is fully cooked.
  2. Add remaining salsa and tomatoes. Bring to a boil stirring frequently for 3-7 minutes to allow the salsa to reduce and the mixture to thicken.
  3. Add grated cheese to the top of the dish and simmer on low heat until cheese is melted.

Try serving with guacamole, tortilla chips, and a salad.


– Use only 1/4 jar of salsa when initially cooking the chicken to keep the meat moist. This amount should also allow you to slice into the chicken intermittently to assess how cooked it is.

– If you don’t like vegetable chunks in your salsa blend it before using it.

– I prefer to use a more traditional Mexican style salsa as compared to a commercial brand of salsa. I find the product seems to taste fresher with this style of salsa. One brand to look for is Herdez or a locally made one from a market!

– If you have leftover cooked vegetables in your fridge you can add them too. We’ve added peppers, frozen corn and avocados in this dish before.

– If you have a splatter screen (frying pan mesh) you can place this atop your pan to keep your meal from splattering as you cook.

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