Follow Friday: School lunches around the world (RE-BLOG)

Very cool visual piece on what meals from around the world are projected to be via government documents and apparently childrens tumbler accounts (based on original posters website). I’ve got a book with a similar feel that I also really enjoyed.
As Diana did, I feel this is really ‘shareworthy’.

I’m skeptical that these are truly the meals of other countries and that they might be “cherry picked” a little but I think it is still very visually stimulating.


This collection of photographs of school lunches from around the world has been shared on twitter and facebook a lot. On the off chance that you haven’t seen it yet it’s interesting and mouth-watering. It’s sad to see the American school lunch. Even sadder to know that Canada doesn’t have a national school lunch program. However, it’s nice to see that some countries have nutritious and appealing school lunches. We can only hope that North America will learn from their examples.

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