Puka Cafe, serving the (second) best wrap in Cape Town

Puka Cafe takes you away from the busy streets of Cape Town and into a hidden gem where the owner greets you and serves your drinks. The walls are bright and the faces are friendly. (The lazy dog is friendly too…)

After weighing my many lunch options I decided to tried the Cajun chicken wrap with a salad. The wrap was grilled to a perfect crisp and was a mouthwatering combination of cajun spices, peppadew, feta cheese and fresh juicy chicken. The crunch of the grilled wrap provided the opportunity to pick it up to eat or to cut in with a fork and knife. Choosing the latter I devoured this wrap loving the melted creamy feta combined with the cajun heat.

Only thing I’d change:

Order a milkshake from their impressive menu.


Nearby parking!

*North Americans please note: Bar One is a Mars Bar.

The best wrap in Cape Town is dear to my heart and can be found at The Watershed and The Old Biscuit Mill (usually behind a crowded lineup) at Cooked.

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